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Thanks for the amazing Meatless Monday dinner!
Fabulous food! Just the right blend of flavors and no heavy sauces. Their beer is excellent.
What a fabulous night out. So impressed!! It is good to have new blood in Benson!!
Had dinner there with my family when I was visiting home over the 4th of July week and the place was amazing. Great food, great beer, and the atmosphere is like something I have never seen in Omaha.
Came in last night for the first time… Super impressed! Service was excellent and friendly. We had the fries, bison sliders, and fish tacos – all were tasty. The head chef even made hot sauce (and ranch!) from scratch after I asked for a side. Will definitely be back soon!
The brewery had a good vibe, was laid back, had a great mix of pub and culinary options. We will be back!
This was our first time here. My 6 year old loved it. We live in the area, and we love having many more options in Benson.
The peppers were excellent! My experience was great. Everyone treated me like I mattered. I really enjoyed the chef talking to me. There is a great atmosphere, food and people.
I went down to check this place out last night and have a couple beers. Their blonde they have now is not too bad, litle grainy, and light (TBH, it’s right about what a blonde should be…It’s just not my style). The amber was delicious though, 7.2% ~65 IBUs, very nice hop profile and malt backbone.The food was pretty damn tasty as well. I have the fish tacos, pulled pork and some bison sliders. All very good and very comparable to other places like Lot 2 and Railcar. I spoke with the owner and the head brewer there as well, good guys and very nice/down to Earth. I very much recommend that everyone checks this place out sometime in the near future.
My husband and I checked you guys out last night and were so impressed. Beautiful space, friendly and knowledgeable staff, amazing food and …the beer is awesome, of course! So happy to have you in Benson and looking forward to bringing our friends back soon.
First time here! The 2 Benson Brewery beers were great. Loved hearing the story behind the amber. Had 2 of the appetizers and loved them too! Can’t wait to try the other menu items. The owner, brewer and staff are all friendly and knowledgeable about their products. So excited that you are in our neighborhood! A BIG Benson welcome!! It was great to meet many of you today.